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Theatre of the Oppressed at Full Bloom

We recently had our second “Theatre of the Oppressed” workshop here at Full Bloom, led by our friend Eliot, a wonderful performance artist and facilitator of this dynamic and unique form of theater.  Here’s is synopsis of the form: As created by Brazilian visionary Augusto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) is a form of […]

Climbing the curve of Permaculture

I have several interesting and sometimes tiresome dialogues going on in my head about growing food. As I’m weeding bed after bed of vegetables sometimes in the hot sun questions roll through my mind like: “Is this really having any significant impact on the state of the world?”,  “Should I just leave organic vegetable growing […]

The Community is Rallying around GMO legislation

All across our small Southern Oregon county ballots are arriving in mailboxes which hold  a proposed measure to ban the growing of GMO Crops within the county.   There has been a massive effort by a local group called Our Family Farms Coalition (http://www.ourfamilyfarmscoalition.org/) to educate voters regarding the importance protect the 100’s of farms […]

Women’s Natural Building Workshop on the Horizon

If you’ve read many of my posts you’ve gathered that there is a strong emphasis here at Full Bloom on the importance of building structures in a way the reflects the deeper values of the emerging ecologically based culture.  These values include: using locally and sustainably sourced materials, staying connected to the rhthyms and patterns […]

Taking Care of Transitions in Community

As it goes people come in and out of living in community here at Full Bloom.  This morning monthly “Heart Circle” was devoted to expressing our gratitude to 3 departing members of the Full Bloom community Miceala, Caleb, and their son Atreya.   Well before we got into the sappy stuff we had an amazing […]